Salzburg in Austria

salzburg fortress hohensalzburg photo
Festung Salzburg
salzburg horses carriage image
Salzburg Fiaker

Salzburg in Austria, situated on the river Salzach. Quite a few things come to mind when considering spending some time there. The main topics are:


Mozart's birthplace

The Salzburg Festival


Not much you would think. For those of us who have been in the greater Salzburg area before then the Hohensalzburg, the fortress towering high over the city is something to remember. It's true

over many kilometres you can see the fortress as the symbol of the city.  The fortress is open to visitors. From there you have a wonderful view of the city and of the surrounding land.


Though, the city has much more on offer, as there is:


  • historic city centre which is also UNESCO Word Heritage Site
  • great Baroque architecure
  • Salzburg Cathedral
  • Franciscan Church
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Mirabell Palace with its wide gardens
  • The Residence Place
  • Mozart's birthplace 
  • The "Getreidegasse"
  • A bunch of universities
  • The Alma Mater Europaea (private uni)

People associated with Salzburg are:

Apart from Mozart :


  • composer Johann Michael Haydn
  • Schubert lived there
  • conductor Herbert von Karajan

There are many more but only a few would ever have heard of them.



The city, especially the old town is full of hotels, guesthouses, B&B and apartments. Even a youth hostel is situated below the fortress and you only have five minutes to go and you are in the city centre. 


Travelling to Salzburg gives you all options:

  • by car
  • by train
  • you can fly in, Salzburg has it's own international airport

The youth hostel, shown on the right is a good alternative when you want to stay there for a few days; they also have free parking slots at the house. 

However, there are plenty of options and with so many booking sites available nowadays there will always be something on offer at a reasonable price. 

salzburg accommodation
Jufa - youth hostel

Going out

salzburg getreidegasse pub sign
Pub Sign in

In case you do not want to eat at your hotel, there are so many places where you can go to during the day, in the evening and into the night. 

Salzburg is full of pubs and inns and restaurant. For every budget you will find something. They offer their traditional meals and the local beer. Stiegl is the local brewery and their beers are the main drink available, but Bavarian beers are also available. 

At some places you need to make a reservation as they are usually fully booked in the evening. 

Salzburg at night

salzburg fortress hohensalzburg night image
Fortress Hohensalzburg towering high over the city
salzburg river salzach night image
Nightview across the river Salzach
salzburg cathedral night image
Salzburg Cathedral at night
salzburg flight of stairs night image
Flight of stairs in Salzburg
salzburg old town night image
Buildings standing on the banks of the river Salzach

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