Zurich in Switzerland


What is Zurich all about? Zurich is a large city in Switzerland with a population of about 415,000 people and is the largest town in the canton of Zurich. Zurich is situated at lake Zurich and sits on the banks of the river Limmat. 

Zurich is a central traffic and logistics hub in Switzerland, and one of the big financial centres in Europa and in the world. Despite the rather modest population Zurich, as a city, enjoys sort of world status. 


Zurich photography
Zurich with the historic city centre

Half a day in Zurich is, by far, not enough to see too much of this city. Zurich is situated on the river Limmat and Lake Zurich. The historic city centre still shows much of the old building structures but also impressively shows how the city developed from the Middle Age to our modern times.

Grossmuenster Zurich

zurich city centre image
Grossmünster Zurich
zurich city centre image
Grossmuenster Zurich
zurich city centre image
Grossmünster Zurich
zurich city centre image
Grossmünster Zurich


Interesting Places in Zurich


Zurich is an old city, meaning the city has lots of old houses especially in the historic city centre. Also Zurich is a city full of churches, which mostly can be visited. What are interesting sights in Zurich, one should have seen?


  • Zurichsee - Lake Zurich
  • Niederdorf and Old Town
  • Zurich Opera House
  • Zurich Cathedral - Grossmuenster
  • Bahnhofstrasse
  • Confiserie Spruengli
  • Frauenmuenster Church
  • The Limmat Quay - Limmatquai
  • Lindenhof
  • Western Quarters of Zurich
  • Zurich City Hall
  • The Voltaire Caberet
  • St. Peter Church
  • Café Odeon

As usual, this is only a selection. For the traveller just passing through, not having much time, a quick visit at the city centre around the Grossmuenster, will help a lot. In case you have much more time on your hands, it is helpful to go through the narrow lanes and alleyways. Open your eyes and you will see all the small things on your way and maybe you will also find the perfect scene to capture with your camera.


zurich old town limmat
Zurich Old Town overviewing the river Limmat and with the three main church at the background: from the left Frauenmuenster, St. Peter and Grossmuenster

Above picture shows the river Limmat and the old building alongside the river. At the very left the historic town hall can be seen. 

zurich opera house
Zurich Opera House
zurich sechslaeutenplatz
Zurich Sechslaeutenplatz - Sechslaeuten Square
zurich limmatquay
Zurich Limmatquay

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