Around Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton

Balaton photography
Fisherman at Lake Balaton

Spending a few days around Lake Balaton. The Lake provides the feeling of great calm and you immediately want to relax from the stress of your life. 

The lake between Tihany and Balatonfüred

balatonfuered lake balaton image
Lake Balaton seen from Balatonfüred
lake balaton image sailing boat
sailing boat near Balatonfüred
balatonfuered marina lake balaton
Marina at Balatonfüred


Balaton photography
Tihany Abbey

Tihany is a small but major holiday resort on the Lake Balaton. You would not know Tihany otherwise you have read about it in a travel guide or been there for a few days of R&R ( Rest and Recuperation) or simply for a holiday. It was the same for me. When Gudrun came up with the idea of stopping in Tihany for a few days, my answer was: Tihany what?

Well then. I am here now and, as you can see for yourself, the place looks really good. It is a jewel hidden in the countryside. Many people seem to come here for a holiday or simply for a Sunday or a weekend.


Little Versailles at Lake Balaton

Would you believe it? Versailles at Lake Balaton in the middle of Hungary? Yes it is possible. We were there and can present the first images we made. Of course the palace is not a secret. The place can be found in every good tour guide. Still it is about the first impression when you arrive there and look, at first, at the roof; look at the style of the roof construction. This is entirely French style.

Where is the castle situated?

Go to Keszthely!

festetics castle garden
Castle Festetics

Despite certain similarities, this is, of course, not Versailles. Though it is a treasure upon Lake Balaton. It is indeed. The garden is not huge but it is well designed and cultivated piece of gardening, well worth to be part of this castle. 

festetics palace
Castle Festetics
festectics palace
Castle Festetics

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