Fishing Nets killing Seabirds

Watching and capturing seabirds is a fine thing to do on the one hand. Though, on the other hand, when working in a large seabird colony, such as the one on Heligoland, it is impossible not to stumble over quite a number of dead seabirds, killed by fishing nets. This article is highlighting this issue and calling for action.


fishing nets killing seabirds
One Gannet and one Guillemot hung by fishing nets


I am sure that most visitors to the German island of Heligoland don't even notice that there is something wrong with this sight, probably everyone must have seen from the vantage point, overlooking this part of the breeding colony.


Matter-of-factly, our oceans are filled up with man-made litter, mostly plastic materials of any kind. Because of plastics being particular durable, the mass of plastic debris applied to the oceans is not going away, neither soon nor at any forseable time.


More infos on seabirds on my site SEABIRDS - DE.


seabird killer fishing net
Seabirds killed by slings from fishings nets

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