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Budapest - Hungary


What about Budapest? Budapest is the capital and with a population of over 1.7 million people the largest city in Hungary and also ranks on number 9 among the larges cities in the European Union. 

Little wonder that Budapest is a busy place, full of traffic and people. Budapest is the capital of partying in Europe. For Photographers Budapest is the so-called Eldorado. Wherever you go, there is something you can capture with your camera.


budapest city centre with big wheel budapest eye
Budapest Eye - Big Wheel

In this part of my travel blog I provide impressions on the city at daytime. And still, whether you walk about town at night or during daytime, you can feel the pulse of the city, people go about their profession, tourists roam the streets, simply  the city, obviously, never sleeps. There are similarities to other cities, I will explore that bit later.

Above you see the Budapest eye, the big wheel is in action all day long, whenever you come you can go for a ride. 

The pic was taken using a Canon 5D mark IV and a EF 16-35mm F2.8/L III

Backyard impressions

budapest old town image
Backyard in Budapest

Ever been to Berlin and been impressed by their tremendous backyards in some quarters of the city? Yes, go to Budapest and see for yourself, they do have impressive backyards there too. It is quite amazing. The building are not always freshly renovated and sport new layers of paint and still it all has its own character and style. You will love it from the start.

Budapest lacks the clean and sterile front or facade. Real people are living there which makes the city so loveable. 

budapest old town image
Entrance to backyard in Budapest

budapest old town image
Backyard in Budapest

Budapest & Traffic

budapest city centre
Traffic in Budapest

The pics in this section were taken on a Thursday after 1100h, so this is not early morning commuter traffic, this is standard. Wherever you go, there is traffic. Even in so-called side streets, where you would not expect many vehicles, there is massive traffic. Traffic jams are sort of a standard. The drivers appear unperturbed, so are known to make use of their horns. That might remind us of car driving somewhere in Italy. No we are not in Italy, but people here are similar to the Italians, but, of course, they are not the same. 

Yellow taxis on end, you can see them everywhere. Our hotel receptionist told us only to use the yellow taxis and not the other ones. For what reason ever. The majority of taxis is yellow, though, we are not in NY, it is still Budapest and not the US. Though, similarities might be recognisable. Then you will notice plenty of white vans, lorries, busses and cars.

As for public transport,  Budapest has busses, trolley bus, trams. 

We noticed at least three different models of trams, though only managed to take pics of two types. Maybe next time.

budapest old town image
Traffic in Budapest

budapest old town image
Traffic in Budapest


What can the visitor expect in Budapest?


As with all capitals there is more to the place than just the list of sights someone is giving to you. Though, when you are in Budapest first time it is quite a good thing to have a list of sights you want to see:


  • Budapest Castle
  • The mountain cableway up to the castle
  • Budapest Chain Bridge
  • The House of Parliament
  • Váci Street 
  • Budapest Eye - the big wheel is open 24/7
  • Boat Trips up and down the river Danube
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • The Heroes' Square
  • Saint Stephanus Basilica
  • Palace Vajdahunyad
  • Gellert Mountain - superb view over the entire city
  • Budapest Fortress
  • Great Synagoge
  • Great Market Hall - simply a must-see
  • Margaret's Island
  • Mathew Cathedral
  • Nightlife in Budapest
  • University District
  • Bystreets and narrow lanes in Budapest old town

Budapest is full of people and especially full of young students, actually coming from all over the world. Therefore, Budapest is a very international place. 


Language. You can get away with Englisch or German. Nearly everyone speaks either both languages or one of them. 


Travelling to Budapest is something one should do, at least once in a lifetiem.




Budapest Market Hall

budapest market hall
Budapest Market Hall Main Entrance

If you had been to Rotterdam and gone through their market hall you would probably think of a huge modern building when it comes to market halls at all. At least that was my idea of a market hall when I read about the place in the tourist guide, though, without wasting any time on the details. 

When we arrived first at Budapest we even drove past the place by car and then, my first idea was: "That must be a train station".

I couldn't have been more wrong. 

On our last day in Budapest we decided to go to the market hall and have a look what the market has on offer. When we arrived, yes, surprise, surprise, it was the "train station" we went past upon arrival. 

People are flocking in and out of the market hall. At first I did not expect too much from the market hall and then we entered the hall. It was beyond expectation. As for the number of people being there, there was no difference to Rotterdam. The Market Hall is an old building and it has its own Charme, its own character. You go in and instantly know this is one of the places to be.

budapest market hall
Inside the Budapest Market Hall

Above is how the market hall looks from inside. This is the view you have once you have gone through the entrance. Actually the market hall is packed to the rafters and that is every day of the week. There is no comparison to Rotterdam, for example. The Market Hall is packed with market stands and what is on offer is much more diverse than it is in Rotterdam. 

budapest market hall
Budapest Market Hall

More insights into the market hall. The structure maybe old, though, inside is full of every-day-stuff and full of modern people. 

budapest market hall
Budapest Markethall

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