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Saint Malo - Brittany / France


Saint Malo is a historic city in the northwest of Brittany in France. The city has a population of about 46,000 people and is best known for the historic city and the ramparts of the fortress which are still guarding the historic city centre. Outside the historic centre Saint Malo is a modern city, though, in the historic centre the city preserved the charme of a seaside town that never grows old.


saint malo sailing vessel
Historic Ship at Saint Malo Harbour


The visitor to Saint Malo wants to see the old harbour and fortress. Saint Malo is well known as the French port from which French corsairs started their kaper rides on the oceans and from where these corsairs did a good job to be a real pain in the neck to the British Royal Navy. In fact, these corsairs were so successful that the British even tried to storm the fortress, however, unsuccessful. 


Over the centuries, Saint Malo managed to preserve the historic buildings and nearly the entire complex of the old fortress which is, nowadays, one of the most important touristic assets of the city.


Going there means you walk through a small city with small streets and you might feel like walking in 18th century France. It is possible to circumvent the historic city by walking on the ramparts of the fortress. As for parking space, that is rather limited to large car parks outside the ramparts of the city. Do not try and drive into the city centre.


The pride of the old harbour are ancient sailing ships which are at berth there for most of the time. Going there on a sunny day, the enthusiastic photographer might get back home with a bag full of good shots.



saint malo fortress porte saint-vincent
San Malo Porte Saint-Vincent

San Malo, sea port with quite a history. The old ramparts and ports of the fortress are still there and part of the centre. It is best to park the car outside the ramparts and walk into town. 

saint malo historic city centre
Saint Malo ramparts seen from the car park
saint malo old town image
San Malo

left and below and following: The ramparts of San Malo seen from the car park San Malo Quai Saint-Vincent

saint malo old town image
San Malo
saint malo old town image
San Malo
saint malo old town image
San Malo La Grande Porte seen from inside the fortificatioins

Inside the ramparts

saint malo old town image
San Malo

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