Architectural Photography


Architectural photography is about photographing buildings and building structures in order to accurate present images of buildings and structures in the best possible perspective. Architectural photography takes shots of building exteriors and interiors, also bridges and cityscapes belong to this genre. This section shows images on buildings and architecture. The images were made using super wide angle lenses and tilt-shift lenses.



Architectural Photo Locations Europe


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rotterdam delftse poort architecture image
Rotterdam Business District





Rotterdam Centraal Station


This article shows images of Rotterdam Centraal Station, the main train station in Rotterdam. Below images were shot during the blue hour. The roof construction of Rotterdam Centraal Station has a distinctive character and is kind of unique when it comes to train station architecture.


However, the best place for capturing the facade with the distinctive roof is from the middle of Stationsplein, the square directly before the building. The blue hour is probably the best time for capturing the facade and roof construction of Rotterdam Centraal Station, as the illumination and the background give a special look to the building. Below coordinate gives roughly the middle of Stationsplein. Where you will place your camera depends on the camera and the lenses you are going to use.


Address: Stationsplein, NL Rotterdam

Coordinate: 51.923642,4.470111


rotterdam centraal station architecture image
Rotterdam Central Station
rotterdam centraal ctation architecture image
Rotterdam Main Station
rotterdam centraal station architecture image
Rotterdam Main Station




Zagreb Architectural Photography


zagreb hotel dubrovnik outside architecture image
Glass and reflection - Hotel in Zagreb
zagreb cathedral architecture image
Zagreb Cathedral Roof Construction


New Opera House Frankfurt upon Main


Frankfurt Opera House is situated at Willi-Brandt-Platz directly at Frankfurt centre. The building is a new building, first opened in 1963. The opera stage fell victim to a huge fire in 1987 and was re-constructed over three years. The new opening was in 1991. It interesting to know that Frankfurt Opera is the leading stage in Europe as a hole.


The building directly faces the Frankfurt banking district. Wille-Brandt-Platz is also a main hub of Frankfurt Transport. The photographer working on the square is well advised to look out for trams and busses which can appear out of nowhere at any second. .


The buildings glass facade reflects the skyscrapers situated across the square. 

The best place to capture the building is by working on Willi-Brandt-Platz. In order to avoid frontal light it is advisable to work during the afternoon or later.



Co-ordinates for Frankfurt Opera House



50.108675, 8.672806

50°06'31.2''N 8°40'22.1''E



Parking at Frankfurt Opera House


The photographer travelling with extended equipment can arrive by car. Parking is possible at the car park near the opera (Parkhaus am Theater), Untermainanlage, Frankfurt. 


Co-ordinate Google Plus Code: 4M4F+R9 Frankfurt am Main

frankfurt opera house
Frankfurt Opera House





Churches & Cathedrals


Roermond Cathedral - Christoffelkathedraal


christoffel cathedral roermond image
Roermond Cathedral seen from the market place


Roermond and its cathedral. You wouldn't believe it, but it is a proper cathedral. The city is closely built around the church and it is difficult to capture the building showing its full size. Anyway once you are in you dive into a different world.


The church allows to take images using tripod and flash. The option to use a tripod alone is the recipe for better images. See for yourself.


christoffel cathedral roermond image
Inside Roermond Cathedral
christoffel cathedral roermond image
A Glimpse down the nave of Roermond Cathedral
christoffel cathedral roermond image
A view of nave and side aisle of Roermond Cathedral





Cologne Cathedral - Architectural Impressions


Cologne Cathedral is one of the main catholic churches in Germany and one of the biggest churches in Europe. The church is a tourist magnet and visited by thousands every day. 


They operate a no tripod no flash policy which makes it very hard to capture the interior. The church is rather dark if no sun rays can break through the great windows, meaning, if you do not have a sunny day then it is about ISO 1000 and fully opened aperture.


cologne cathedral image
Cologne Cathedral front side
cologne cathedral image
Cologne Cathedral Side Aisle

cologne cathedral
Cologne Cathedral
cologne cathedral image
Cologne Cathedral Transept
cologne cathedral image
Looking into the nave from the main altar



Dresden Garrison Church


The building of the former Dresden Garrison Church had the capacity to welcome the soldiers of the regiments stationed in Dresden. Inside the church has to sections, one for protestant and one for catholic soldiers, which is owned to the differences between protestant service and the catholic mass. Nowadays only the catholic part of the church is accessible and the doors mostly open to the visitor. The catholic church has the average dimensions of an ordinary church. The visitor entering the church finds himself in a quiet room that invites to stay. 


Apart from the colourful windows, the church itself has not many mural paintings, if any, as for that here we have quite a difference to the average catholic church. If it weren't for the windows, it could also be a protestant church, because the interior is rather simple. However, this no-frills interior gives room for thought and maybe prayer as might be the case. 


See for yourself.


garrison church dresden germany image
Dresden Old Garrison Church
garrison church dresden germany image
Dresden Old Garrision Church inside view
garrison church dresden germany image
Dresden Old Garrison Church inside view

dresden garrison church
Dresden Old Garrison Church - the church organ high up under the roof
dresden garrison church
Inside View of Dresden Garrison Church



Skyline Photography


Frankfurt Skyline


Skyline photography is all about taking shots of the full skyline or cityscape. Skyline photography also covers shots of skyscrapers. The thing about skylines is that they define the face of a city and are an expression of the business world and the people in that city. Skyline photography by RL Photostyle shows skylines of European cities. 


frankfurt skyline image
Skyscrapers in Frankfurt
frankfurt skyline image
Frankfurt Financial District
skyline frankfurt image
Frankfurt Financial District