Transport & Logistics Photography



Transport photography is about photographing modes of transport as well as logistics in motion. Transport photography shows seagoing vessels, container vessels, inland waterways, sea ports, canals and much more. Transport photography is where the action is in transports and logistics. Transport photography by RL Photostyle shows modes of transport in motion.



Inland Navigation


Inland navigation describes the transport of goods by ships on rivers, canals and lakes. Barges are doing the transport on our rivers and canals and are the mode of transport for mass goods to and from the European Ports.


shipping pusher tug
Pusher tug with 6 lighters en route to Ruhrort


Inland Navigation


The Rhine




Sea Ports Photography


Sea ports are see-bound maritime facilities which usually comprise at least one wharf where ocean going ships and vessels and also barges can dock to load or unload cargo. Sea ports handle mainly cargo although there is also passenger traffic in sea ports. 


container bridges zeebrugge
Container Bridges / gantry cranes at Port of Zeebrugge / Belgium


Sea Port Photography




Ocean Shipping Photography



Maritime transport is the transport of goods (cargo) via waterways. It is also described as ocean shipping. Shipping goods by sea is also called merchant shipping which is executed by cargo ships. Cargo ships show a large variety of ship types. The ship types primarily used in ocean shipping are container vessels, bulk carriers, multi-purpose ships, RoRo ships and tank vessels.


maritime transport cargo vessel
Maritime Transport


Maritime Shipping Photography



Container Ships Photography


Container shipping describes cargo shipping by use of ISO-Containers. The typical container size is 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Container shipping has become the main mode of transport in maritime shipping because the transport of standardized containers by far the fastest method of moving goods from shipper to recipient. 


container vessel elbe
Container vessel on the river Elbe
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