Container Ship Photography



Container Ship Photography


Container ship photography undertakes to capture container ships in motion, sailing the seas, while arriving or leaving port or at berth at the terminal being discharged or loaded with containers. 

Container shipping describes the shipment of goods in containers on specially built vessels. Container ships have container slops below deck where container can be stacked 9 high and can carry containers aloft stacked 6 high. 

Container ships use specially built ISO containers which are tailor-made for the use on container vessels. 



Container Ships Images Information


Container ships on the river Elbe. Below one can see a container ship sailing upstream to arrive at the Port of Hamburg. There is quite a lot of container traffic on the Elbe.


The river Elbe ends at the line Cuxhaven-Brunsbuettel, behind that line the Northsea begins. At Cuxhaven the pilots board the vessel to take over responsibility from the ship's captain to bring the ship safely into port.


At the back of the image one can see a container ship already leaving and starting its voyage.


container ship river elbe
Container ship en route to the Port of Hamburg
container feeder river elbe
Container Feeder en route to Hamburg
container ship river elbe voyage
Container ship leaving Hamburg for the open sea
container ship river elbe cma cgm
Container ship leaving Hamburg


Below: One can see two big container vessels starting their voyage into the Northsea. The small sailing boat at the foreground looks incredibly tiny compared to the big vessel. The dimension of container vessel are gigantic nowadays. Especially the vessels serving the Far East lanes are the bigges vessels in the entire industry. The larges container vessel in active service is currently said to be the OOCL Hong Kong, measuring 400 metres length over all and 59 metres wide, capable of carrying 21,413 TEU.


A TEU is a twenty foot equivalent unit which is another word for a 20DV or 20" dry van.


And anyone, who ever have had the chance to stand on the bridge of a container vessel understands the absolute superlative of these ships, even if it is only sailing the Eastmed lane. 


container ship river elbe voyage
Container ship on the river Elbe starting their voyage into the Northsea