Maritime Shipping Photography



Maritim ship photography undertakes to capture oceangoing vessel in motion, on their voyage, sailing in or out of port, en route to a port using marine waterways or being berthed at port being discharged of their cargo or being loaded.

Ocean shipping or maritime navigation describes the shipping of goods over seas by cargo ships. Passenger services also belong to maritime navigation. Though the term is most attributed to cargo shipping. 

Ocean vessels sail on authorised maritime waterways. 



cargo shipl northsea
Cargo ship sailing on the Northsea


What is maritime shipping?


Maritime shipping describes the shipping of goods, passenger services and the transport of mail by sea by using oceangoing ships. Oceangoing ships always sail on authorised marine waterways .

Maritime shipping diversifies into several types of shipping: 

  • Line Shipping: Line shipping describes the continuous transport of goods and passenger services on fixed routes and between fixed ports. Line shipping requires regular sailings. Line shipping carries cargo in containers or with conventional cargo ships. No bulk cargo is shipped in line shipping. 
  • Tramp Shipping: The term tramp shipping describes the transport of dry bulk on fixed trade lanes. Trump shipping does not require regular sailings. 
  • Tank Shipping: Tank shipping describes the transport of crude oil, petroleum products or liquified gas (=LPG). Tank shipping is executed as line shipping and als tramp shipping as well.
  • Short Sea Transport: The term short sea transport describes the near coastal transport on small ships between Ireland or the UK and the European continent.


container ship northsea
Container ship en route to Hamburg
cargo ship northsea
Cargo ships


Which ship types are available in maritime shipping?


Which type of ships do exist in maritime shipping? Nowadays, shipping distinguishes between cargo ships, tank ships, ferries and cruise ships. Cargo ships are divided into the following types: 

  • Container ships
  • Tank ships
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Conventional cargo ships

Bulk carrier are divided into the following classes:

  •  Handysize Bulk Carrier (10-39.000 tdw)
  • Handymax Bulk Carrier (=< 45.000 tdw)
  • Supramax Bulk Carrier (40-0<= 59.999 tdw)
  • Ultramax Bulk Carrier (<= 64.999 tdw)
  • Panamax Bulk Carrier (60-99.999 tdw)
  • Capesize Bulk Carrier (>100.000 tdw)


container ship northsea
Container ship en route to Hamburg


What are the largest seaports?


The larges seaport in the world is Shanghai followed by Singapore, Ningbo and Shenzen.

Where is the largest seaport situated? Shanghai, as the larges seaport is situated in China.


What ist the largest seaport in Europe? Europe's largest sea port is the Port of Rotterdam. Worldwide, Rotterdam is number 12 amongst the largest seaports. 


With regard to seaports, what does ARA stand for? ARA is an abbreviation and stands for the three seaports Antwerpen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


What is the largest seaport in Belgium? Belgium's largest port is the Port of Antwerp.

What is the largest port of the Netherlands? The largest Dutch seaport is Rotterdam, followed by Amsterdam.

Which one is the largest seaport in Germany? The largest German port is the Port of Hamburg.


container ship river elbe
Container ship on the river Elbe
container ship river elbe
Container ship on the river Elbe