Vintage Vehicles


The term of vintage vehicles usually covers, in the most general sense of the meaning, a number of vehicle categories such as automobiles, collector cars, vintage motorbikes and vintage aeroplanes. In order to qualify for the "vintage" category a vehicle must be older than 30 years. Of course, maintenance should be using original parts, if anyhow possible. Matter of factly, only enthusiasts are open to the adventure of owning and maintaining a vintage vehicle, as this requires mostly technical skill and at least the ability to generate sufficient funds for the keep.


vintage junkers ju 52 aeroplane
Junkers JU 52 aeroplan captured at the Hugo Junkers Hangar at Moenchengladbach airport. Click the pick to learn more
vintage car pontiac silver streak
Vintage cars - a Pontiac Silver Streak captured on a vintage fly-in and drive-in at Hugo Junkers Hangar, Airport Moenchengladbach. Click the pick to learn more.
vintage motorbike
Vintage Motorbikes - Captured during an Oldtimer drive-in show in Germany. Click the pick for more.