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Welcome to my site Wildlife photography. This is, by far, my largest project and what once started very small has become quite an issue. Initially it was thought as a platform to show some photos but has grown into something much larger.


Today photographic work is put on display but also the some light is shed on the topics behind the photography. Meaning my wildlife section also informs the benign reader on the species captured, we touch issues such as worldwide distribution of species, conservation issues, environmental issues and much more.


Photography brings the world to you as we see it through our lenses. But also, wildlife photography wants make the viewer think about what we show and think about the information provided around the photos.


For the interested reader there are in-depth articles on wildlife photography and birdwatching available.


loyal wildlife

Watching birds and mammals gives anyone the chance to come down, concentrate on things far away from the daily troubles. And it also makes you start thinking about what you see. It opens your eyes for the small things, makes you think about species in decline. When out and about yon cannot but realise that the world is changing.


The world is changing and, matter-of-factly, our climate is changing, the planet is changing. What I see is that spring is starting earlier, autumn is coming earlier, everything is in sort of turmoil. Nature is suffering from heatwaves, to torrential rain instead of the country rain we used to have. Monsoon-like rain and rain water does not seep into the ground but flows off above the ground. In fact, in parts of Europe we are becoming witness of nature suffering under enormous heat and southern Europe slowly adapting to sub-Saharan conditions.


As already mentioned, ornithology is one of my oldest hobbies, which only later, was supplemented by photography. This sections is definitely growing. In case you want issues to be taken up, just drop me a line, I will get back to you. And anyway, you are invited to get in touch at any time from all over the world.


So, stay tuned. Any comments, just let me know.


Part of my wildlife work is published on Instagram, on Facebook and on Viewbug. You are welcome to follow me there.





Wildlife Image Gallery


My wildlife image gallery not only is there to show some photographic images but it is also intended to be the "gateway" to a species account to is going to provide images on species and bird or species facts on distribution, conservation and breeding. With regard to taxonomy and bird names I am not exactly following a standard but have grouped species more or less following Gill & Wright 2006 but also creating best practice for this site to serve our users. 


The following images are the gates species accounts. Just click the image and the link transferes you to the underlying accounts. A more complete species account is available in German.



great crested grebe
Grebes & Loons

Herons, storks, ibises and flamingos
mute swan

greylag goose

bearded vulture
Vultures of the World
golden eagle
Birds of Prey and Falcons

northern lapwing
Waders - Shorebirds
black-headed gull

barn owl
Rails, Crakes, Cranes & Bustards

collared dove
Pigeons and Doves
middle spotted woodpecker
Woodpecker - Picidae

Songbirds - Passerines