Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)



The Common Chaffinchh is a songbird of the finches family and resident breeding bird to western, central and southeast Europe and summer visitor to northern and eastern Europe. Size-wise it looks similar to the House Sparrow, though slimmer and with a longer tail. Male chaffinches can usually easily be indentyfied by their greyish crown and nack and the double white wing bar. Sexes are dissimilar and the female chaffinche does not show the white wingbar. Chaffinches show white tail sides and a greeen-grey rump and blackish tail.


The Chaffinch is a breeding bird in a variety of habitats and common to all types of woodland, urban areas, parks, parklands, gardens, green yards and graveyards. The chaffinch is one of the most common songbirds in Europe. Chaffinches often feed on the ground and they like to attend to ground bird feedings but also appear on feedings on balconies.



common chaffinch
Common Chaffinch


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Order: Passerines (Passeriformes)

Family: Fringillidae

Genus: Fringilla

Species: Common Chaffinch


Scientific Name: Fringilla coelebs


Names and Synonymes of the Common Chaffinch


Name in German: Buchfink

Name in Czech: Pěnkava obecná

Name in Slovak: Pinka obyčajná

Name in Hungarian: Erdei pinty

Name in Croat: Zeba

Name in French: Pinson des arbres

Name in Spanish: Pinzón Vulgar

Name in Portuguese: Tentilhão-comum

Name in Italian: Fringuello

Name in Dutch: Vink

Name in Finish: Peippo

Name in Norwegian: Bokfink

Name in Danish: Bogfinke

Name in Swedish: Bofink

Name in Polnisch: Zięba

Name in Russian: Зяблик

Name in Greek: Σπίνος, Σπίννος, Σπίνος

Name in Turkey: Bayağı İspinoz, ispinoz, İspinoz, şspinoz


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common chaffinch
Common Chaffinch - female