The Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiaca)




The Egyptian Goose is a rather long-legged goose, more similar to a duck, though, still a goose. That apart, the Aegyptian Goose is a very colourful and noisy bird. Originally, the Egyptian Goose is a native bird to the Nile Valley and the East Mediterranean and also to the African subtropics and tropics and Southeast Europe as well.


The reason why the the Egyptian Goose came to Europe was its importation from Egypt to England in the 17th century as sort of an ornamental species in the large English landscape gardens, from which it first developed into a stable population in East Anglia, where it increased in the 1970s only to spread across the Channel onto Continental Europe. In the 1977s the species was able to establish a stable population in and around Brussels (Belgium), from where it started to increase its population to the west of Europa.


The Egyptian Goose was also introduced to the United Arab Emirates and to the United States, where it continued to establish stable breeding populations.


Voice: Noisy, trompeting goose. Sounds a low-pitched "kek kek" and various husky, bleating gabbling calls.


Habitat and Range: Fresh water swamps and marshes. Introduced birds now feral in Britan, Central Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Austria, Switzerland), France, parts of Spain and Portugal, Denmark.



aegyptian goose alopochen aegytptiacus birds in flight
Egyptian Geese in flight
aegyptian goose alopochen aegyptiacus
Egyptian Goose on greenland
aegyptian goose alopochen aegyptiacus
Aegyptian Goose
aegyptian goose alopochen aegyptiacus
Aegyptian Goose feeding on greenland
aegyptian goose alopochen aegpytiacus feeding on green grass
Egyptian Goose feeding on green grass
egyptian goose alopochen aegyptiacus birds swimming on water
Troop of Egyptian Goose on a lake


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