Wild Geese


Wild geese belong to the tribe anserini (geese) and are divided in several tribes and genera. However, the most important genera are grey geese (genus anser) and black geese of the genus branta. Both are true geese.


The grey geese do have a Holarctic distribution and breed in wet habitats in subarctic and cool temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Whereas, on the other hand, the black geese of the genus branta are bound to coastal regions of the northern hemisphere. Their breeding areas stretch from the North American continent across to Greenland, Iceland, Nothern Europe and across to the far eastern point of Siberia. They breed in the arcitc circle as well as on the border to the subarctic circle.


The so-called Half Geese belong to the tribe Tadorni which covers shelducks and sheldgeese. Although they do share similarities with ducks they are much closer to the geese. Therefore these birds are called half geese.


Below the grey geese, black geese and half geese of Europe, Asia and North America are listed. Clicking the links in below list will connect you to my side on these species with short information and images of the birds.


Genus Anser - Grey Geese:


Genus Branta - Black Geese


Tribe Tadorni - Half Geese 


greylag goose anser anser
Graylag goose swimming on a lake
greylag goose anser anser
Greaylag Goose on a lake
greylag goose anser anser
Two Graylag Geese in flight
greylag goose anser anser
Greylag goose landing on water
Barnacle goose Branta leucopsis
Single Barnacle Goose swimming amidst a flock of Graylag Geese