European Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)



The European Greenfinch is a songbird of the finches family (Fringillidae) and a common breeding bird in most of Europe, whith the exception to subarctic zones in the northernmost parts of Europe and Iceland.


Like all finches the Greenfinch has a large conical, pointed bill. It has a stout body and head. The bill of the Greenfinch varies between pale pink and ivory. In flight we can easily identify the Greenfinch by the yellow edges to its primaries, whereas on the folded wing the primaries form a yellow stripe. The underparts are yellowish-green with the male Greenfinch. Sexes are dissimilar and the female Greenfinch has dull greyish-brown colours on mantle and back and more brownish crown, cheeks and neck.


The European Greenfinch is a breeding bird in a variety of habitats such as woodland edges to open country, wooded pastures, copses, bushy areas, parks, parklands, urban areas, gardens, graveyards and also in any kind of green yards. One can certainly say that the Greenfinch is a typical synanthopic bird that follows humans though they remain rather shy. Greenfinches like to feed on the ground but also attends to bird tables.



european skylark
European Skylark


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Order: Passerines (Passeriformes)

Family: Fringillidae

Genus: Carduelis

Art: European Greenfinch


Scientific Name: Carduelis [chloris] chloris


Names and Synonymes of the European Greenfinch


Name in German: Grünfink

Name in Czech: Zvonek zelený

Name in Slovak: Zelienka obyčajná

Name in Hungarian: Zöldike

Name in Croat: Zelendur

Name in French: Verdier d'Europe

Name in Spanish: Verderón Común

Name in Portuguese: Verdilhão-comum

Name in Italian: Verdone

Name in Dutch: Groenling

Name in Finish: Viherpeippo

Name in Norwegian: Grønnfink

Name in Danish: Grønirisk

Name in Swedish: Grönfink

Name in Polnisch: Dzwoniec

Name in Russian: Обыкновенная зеленушка

Name in Greek: (Ευρωπαϊκός) Φλώρος, Λουλουδάς , Φλώρος

Name in Turkey: Florya


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