House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)



The House Sparrow is sturdily built small songbird of the sparrows family and as a breeding bird endemic to most of Europe, except for Italy. The House Sparrow can be described as compact, robust with a strong broad brody, short neck, big head and strong short, pointed bill. Its main identification featurers are the black-streaked brownish back, a squat posture with legs drawn when sitting perches or on the ground and directly after landing. Flight display shohws continuously whirring wingbeats.


Sexes of the House Sparrow are dissimilar and the male shows a grey crown, black eyestripe, lores and patch on the throat. Males also show a greyish-brown cheeks.  Females show grey-brown chest and belly, streaked brown on back and rump and chestnut crown.


The House Sparrow is a typical synanthropic bird that likes the proximity of humans which is why we find them mostly in any kind of urban areas, parks, parkland, gardens, graveyards, and green yards of all kind. House sparrows like to attend to bird tables / feedings.



house sparrow
House Sparrow


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Order: Passerines (Passeriformes)

Family: Passeridae

Genus: Sperlinge (Passer)

Species: House Sparrow


Scientific Name: Passer [domesticus] domesticus


Names and Synonymes of the House Sparrow


Name in German: Haussperling

Name in Czech: Vrabec domácí

Name in Slovak: Vrabec domový

Name in Hungarian: Házi veréb

Name in Croat: Vrabac

Name in French: Moineau domestique

Name in Spanish: Gorrión Común

Name in Portuguese: Pardal

Name in Italian: Passera oltremontana

Name in Dutch: Huismus

Name in Finish: Varpunen

Name in Norwegian: Gråspurv

Name in Danish: Gråspurv

Name in Swedish: Gråsparv

Name in Polnisch: Wróbel

Name in Russian: Домовый воробей

Name in Greek: Σπιτοσπουργίτης, Σπουργίτης, Στρούθος

Name in Turkey: Ak Evcil Serçe, Serçe


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house sparrow
House Sparrow searching under seaweed for food
house sparrow
House Sparrow
house sparrow
Female House Sparrow at hanging table
house sparrow
House Sparrow at hanging table