Italian Sparrow (Passer italiea)



The Italian Sparrow is a songbird of the sparrow family and an intermediate between House Sparrow and Spanish Sparrow. It is a breeding bird in mainland Italy, Corsica and in parts of Sicily. For what reason ever, there are also Italien Sparrows resident on Heligoland island. 


The Italian Sparrow looks very similar to the House Sparrow of which it has inherited the streaked backside and wing patterns and with the white cheeks and chestnut crown and neck of the Spanish Sparrow but whithout the bold black spotting on the underparts. Male Italian Sparrows show a supercilium which is also inherited from the Spanish Sparrow. The female looks similar to the other two species.



italian sparrow
Italian Sparrow


Bird Facts: Italian Sparrow


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Order: Passerines (Passeriformes)

Family: Passeridae

Genus: Passer

Species: Italian Sparrow


Scientific Name: Passer [domesticus] italiae (Vieillot 1817)


Names and Synonymes of the Italian Sparrow


Name in German: Italiensperling

Name in Czech: Vrabec italský

Name in Slovak: Vrabec taliansky

Name in Hungarian: Olasz veréb

Name in Croat: Talijanski vrabac

Name in French: Moineau cisalpin

Name in Spanish: Gorrión Italiano

Name in Portuguese: Pardal-italiano

Name in Italian: Passera oltremontana

Name in Dutch: Italiaanse Mus

Name in Finish: Italianvarpunen

Name in Norwegian: Romerspurv

Name in Danish: Italiensk Spurv

Name in Swedish: Italiensk sparv

Name in Polnisch: Wróbel apeniński

Name in Russian: Итальянский воробей

Name in Greek: Ιταλικός Σπουργίτης

Name in Turkey: İtalyan serçesi


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italian sparrow
Italian Sparrow on a wire