The Common Crane (Grus grus)



Bird Documentary on the Common Crane


The Common Crane, or simply called Crane is the only species of the Gruidae family breeding in Europe. What is so special about Crane? The Crane is a huge bird with thin and very long legs and a rather narrow and long neck. The head is small and the bill is medium-sized, daggar-like and pointed. Head and upper head and neck show red, black and white. In flight the cranes show their long and broad wings. Their flight feathers are grey and black. Cranes like flying in V-formation thereby showing a majestic flight display with slow wing beats. Their plumage is a pale and more grey than bluish.


The Crane is a majestic bird of great reknown. Cranes show a majestic courtship display. This dancing display is carried out in spring to court the female, but also as sort of salutation to arriving cranes and also during migration autumn and winter.


Cranes are social birds and like gathering in larger flocks but are very shy towards humans and tend to keep as much distance as possible. The minimum distance is usually c. 300 m. Observing and photographing cranes, especially oneself trying to keep out of sight is a hard job. Cranes are


grauer kranich grus grus feld
Grauer Kranich auf abgeerntetem Maisfeld in der Diepholzer Moorniederung


Bird Facts: The Common Crane


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